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The New Way to success.advance.progress.

Welcome to BeddingforMen.com. We are a Michigan based bedding store, specializing in men's bedding. We offer variety of items including bed sets for men, men's comforters, bedding for boys at affordable prices. Our goal is to improve men's bedding by offering simple solutions.

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Who We Are

Why Men's bedding?  Well, many people find comfort in the status quo. They are content with sitting back and watching the world go past. But you are not one of them. Just because you are reading this, proves the fact and makes you an agent of change. You are always pushing ahead and exploring the new worlds. We created this store because we are also hooked on exploring new ideas, competing and challenging ourselves. In our quest to discover new worlds, we found an imperative need which can make the world a better place. No, it’s not clothes, colognes, shoes or ties – or an idea for world peace. It’s the bedding for men.

Do you know that an average single male changes his sheets only just four times a year? Yes, according a survey, women change their linens every two and a half weeks, or 26 times a year. Therefore, we are here to assist you replace bedspreads, comforters and pillows and help you get better sleep while keeping those dust mites, bedbugs and allergies away; so you could make the world a better place. 

Let’s change the world, one bed at a time.

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